Soil Mixes

Soil Mixes & Blends

Our soil mixes and blends are made in-house and tailored for different families and genera!

General Purpose: Made as a general purpose soil suitable for most plants so long as proper care and watering is maintained on a plant-by-plant basis. Peat, humus, perlite, and azomite give your plants the minerals and nutrients they need to thrive. As will all soils you’ll still need to manage proper fertilization schedules depending on plant species and season.

Low-pH Terrestrial Blend: A soil with a lower pH, for acid loving plants. Specialized for woodland plants and terrarium specimens that prefer lower pH levels. Optimized for drainage and water retention, made with natural fir bark, sand, clay, and bolstered with azomite for trace minerals. 

Phalaenopsis Blend: You put a lot of time, love, and money into orchids. They’re a gentle family of plants, with intricate blooms. They require very chunky soil that drains well. As with all orchids you should use distilled water with this product. Made with premium grade extra coarse perlite, house-made medium sized charcoal, and house-made coconut husk chips and fluff. We top off our orchid soils with a pinch of limestone and azomite to help balance soil pH and add trace elements to the soil over time.

Aroid Blend: A well-balanced soil blend specifically made for aroids! Holds moisture when and where you need it, without compromising drainage. Made with enough chonkyness for roots to grab a hold of, and like most of our small batch soils, bolstered with azomite to add micronutrients and minerals to the soil for a stronger overall growth.

Cactus & Succulent Soil: With drainage-loving plants in mind, our cactus and succulent blend is definitely a premium option for serious growers. You won’t find this kind of drainage in big box stores! Made in small batches and enriched with azomite trace minerals and bone meal which adds additional phosphorous which your cacti will appreciate.

Fern Soil: Our fern soil is made using organic, fine-grain vermiculite mixed with organic peat, house-made aged humus, sphagnum moss, Kentucky sandstone, and Azomite.

Coastal Species Blend: Not as common as some houseplants, but coastal plants can be of particular interest to some collectors including myself! This soil is meant replicate coastal soils, being heavy in sand, silt, fine grain organics, and crushed coral. This is a special soil and is made to order. You will need to specify whether you want your soil conditioned for freshwater or saltwater as some species require the salinity. I only use natural, non-iodized sea salt extracted from coconuts during the washing process for our coconut husk products. From nature, for nature!

If you have a particular plant species that will require a special soil, or you can’t find a soil that fits your needs, I do custom soil blends for all different species. I am stocked with hundreds of soil ingredients and specialty materials to help replicate your plants natural substrates. Fee free to reach out using the contact button on the homepage in the bottom corner.

Last Updated: January 2023