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Kentucky Wisteria (Macrostachia) Fresh 2023 Harvest Seed

Kentucky Wisteria (Macrostachia) Fresh 2023 Harvest Seed

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Kentucky Wisteria Wisteria Macrostachia Harvested January 2022 Kentucky Grown! (Pre-Stratified & Ready to Grow!) Blooms with beautiful, showy, blueish purple flowers once the plant reaches maturity. Allow to climb. Gently scarify seeds by knicking the outer coat, soaking overnight, and either plant outside now for Spring germination, or plant indoors in moist rich soil. Hardy: Zone 4-9 (Sometimes 3) Sold As: • 5 Pack • 10 Pack Thanks so much for checking out my shop! My goal is to provide a one-stop place for all sorts of specialty soils, amendments, chemicals, terrarium plants, seeds, and supplies.

👪 When you purchase from me, you’re supporting a small business, my family’s dreams, and my dream to establish a year-round indoor rainforest and nature preserve in Kentucky.

♻️ Some of my profits go directly to removing trash from state parks, restoring damaged ecosystems, and restoring hiking trails and wildlife areas after storm damage. Nature is very important to me, and being able to work alongside it daily has been a huge blessing. All thanks to those who support me, you, my customers! And for that I just want to say thank you.

👍🏻 All customers get access to 7 days a week text support for any orders. Where else can you shop and have this level of customer support?

📦 And if you need any other reason to choose my store, just check our reviews! We don’t skimp on quantity. And we guarantee our quality. If you have issues with your order, just contact me and I’ll get it sorted out! Individual packaging may vary, but does not affect the quality of our items!


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